Friday, February 1, 2013

My Favorite Schnibbles

and the first one I have ever made.  I present my version of Speck (pattern purchased here).  I picked this Schnibbles pattern because I have been wanting to try the X and O block for a while now. It's not finished finished but I am waiting for the perfect blue fabric to arrive for the binding.

This little project was a roller coaster ride of emotions. By the time I was halfway through cutting I was wondering what I had gotten myself into. The pieces are soo small compared to everything else I have worked on.  Was really wondering if I wanted to continue. But, I do my best to finish what I start so I got through step one and started piecing. OMG! Not much better. It seemed tedious and I wasn't getting very far very fast at all and the pieces didn't want to stay lined up. Ugh!!!

After I got the first block together, I got excited!! It was so cute and pretty. I must continue! The piecing is not the greatest but it did get better as I went along. Loved the second block even more.

Came back the next evening to finish and blah!!! Pieces just didn't want to go together well at all. And the layout of the remaining blocks just didn't seem right. Rearrange and rearrange and rearrange some more. Was ready to put it in a bag and call it quits.  Why oh why didn't I just sew some squares together and call it good?!? ("Because that's boring," says my dear husband who came and checked in on me.)

 I really wanted to participate in this Schnibbles parade though (and I do like to impress my husband : ) so I gritted my teeth and kept going. Got to the sashing and things improved.  I am really surprised it came out somewhat square. I thought for sure with all my barely passable piecing that it would be way off. It's wasn't (whew!)

I really like this little blue square.
I think this is my favorite block...really like those little white dots and the blue and coral and brown.

It really was lovely working with these spring colors.  I used a couple of candy bars of Buttercup fabric by Fig Tree. It feels really good to have those little bundles of prettiness made up into this table topper/wall hanging.  I am very pleased with how this little quilt top turned out. I just have to decide how to quilt it.

I did make six blocks.  My master plan is to kill three birds with one stone (is that even possible?) 1) finally participate in a Schnibbles parade 2) make something springlike for our kitchen wall or dining room table and 3) make a little bit of spring to be gifted to a very kind great grandma.  These two blocks I kept separate to make into a little table runner to gift. I must say that the plan is progressing fairly nicely. 

A big thank you to Sherri and Sinta for hosting the Schnibbles Parades. I have really enjoyed them the beginning of every month over the last year or so.  I am thrilled to finally be able to participate.


  1. It was worth the headaches because the end product is so lovely! You would never know the piecing was iffy by looking at can keep that secret to yourself! Bravo!

  2. Your quilt is just beautiful! I really love the Buutercup fabrics you used. Perfect for this time of year. It makes me really look forward to Spring! So glad you stuck with it and accomplished so many goals!

  3. I love the way you arranged your blocks. So pretty! And glad you joined us. :)

  4. It looks wonderful! I'm glad you made it and put it in the parade :-)


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