Saturday, January 20, 2024

New Quilt Pattern: Easily Done - a layer cake pattern

It's time to introduce my latest layer cake quilt pattern - Easily Done. Besides being layer cake friendly,  Easily Done also uses fat quarters or 1/3 yard cuts.

With no sashing or borders, easy pressing, and very little matching, Easily Done goes together very quickly and, well, easily : ) - perfect for beginner quilters or for any quilter looking for a quick finish.

My sample of Easily Done, a layer cake/fat quarter quilt pattern, is made using the cozy fabric line Holidays at Home by Deb Strain for Moda Fabrics. Love this line for its homey feel and cuz I think it can be out during the holidays and into late winter, a must here in central Minnesota.

Easily Done is written in five sizes - 48"x63", 54"x72", 66"x81", 96"x99", and 108"x108".  What size would you make? This past week I broke up piecing this quilt top into steps, one step on each day, and I was really surprised at how quickly it went together. 

Day 1 - cut. 

Day 2 - piece blocks (two sessions - one session for each Block A and Block B). 

Day 3 - press blocks. 

Day 4 - layout (had help from some very lovely daughters). 

Day 5 - piece rows. 

Day 6 - Press rows and attach rows, press some more. Finished! (just need to get quilted : )

Happy quilting, everyone : )

PS: I'll share soon what I do with the little extra piece that is leftover from each layer cake square. Kinda excited to get two quilts from one layer cake, a throw quilt and a table runner quilt.

Wednesday, January 3, 2024

White Linen Christmas Just Strips Runner

White Linen Christmas - my photography skills do not do you justice at.all.
This fabric line from Northcott has the warmest, coziest feel and I just had to make with it - twice : )

The busy holiday season necessitated a quick project so it could be gifted in time so Just Strips, a strippy scrappy quilted table runner, was the perfect project. 

It turned out so well that another one, a shorter version, is in the quilt queue. 
The Just Strips pattern is written for three lengths and available here in my shop.

Simple straight-line quilting adds to this quilted table runner's charm.

Again, per usual, I used cotton flannel as the batting. I like the structure and flatness that flannel gives to table runners. Nothing gets tipsy on these table runners.

Just Strips is as simple as it gets for quilt patterns. It's a table runner quilt pattern that is also easily customized to any width and/or length. 

The greens, browns, and warm white of White Linen Christmas are perfect for any neutral loving heart.
The burlap printed texture is the perfect touch.

Love that dark green burlap print as binding. I think the dark brown would have worked very well, too.
Another cute quilt roll to love : )

Happy quilting, everyone!

Love White Linen Christmas on this tabletop. The colors are perfect.


Monday, December 18, 2023

Christmas Eve Charming Breezes

Finally getting some Christmas sewing done. Per usual, if it's going to get done, it needs to be a quick pattern and that is exactly what Charming Breezes quilt pattern is - quick and fun using a charm pack/precut 5" squares, a little background, and bit of a favorite print for side borders.

We couldn't decide between green and red so I made two at a time and went with both border options - one for us and one to gift.

Identical straight-line quilting on each - straight lines quilted about 1/2" apart. My #1 tip for doing this quilting - focus on keeping the quilt square with the wall or your table and not so much on keeping the lines straight. When I started doing this, my lines drastically improved.

Christmas Eve fabric by Lella Boutique for Moda Fabrics is so, so pretty. This border print is my favorite.

I think my favorite part (other than it's simplicity) about the Charming Ripples pattern is the movement that is created down the center of this table runner quilt.


Side-by-side view of the two different colored borders. oh! I think I'm partial to the green.

Such a simple quilted table runner to make and quilt yet so pretty and striking.

Sweet little quilt roll - just because I like quilt rolls : )

Happy quilting : )

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

New Quilt Pattern: Zippity Zip - Just a Charm Pack Table Runner

As far as quick quilt patterns, it doesn't get any quicker than Zippity Zip - Just a Charm Pack Table Runner quilt pattern. You literally just need a charm pack or stacker of 5" precut squares to finish this quilt top.

This version of the Zippity Zip table runner quilt pattern features Fall's in Town by Sandy Gervais for Riley Blake Designs. It is full of gorgeous fall colors and whimsical prints. 

That chocolate brown floral print is a favorite.

This little quilted table runner seemed to be calling for some movement inspired by fall breezes so I quilted it with wavy lines using my walking foot. 

My wavy line quilting is done very organically and varies as it moves across the table runner. 
I get the gentle waves by just slightly turning my quilt off square just a bit back and forth. It is very easy to get into a rhythm.

Zippity Zip - Just a Charm Pack Table Runner quilt pattern includes instructions for three sizes
13" x 41"
13" x 59"
13" x 81"
Or, you can make any size by using more or fewer charm squares.

The key to pulling off the pattern in Zippity Zip is separating lights and darks.

Although the lights I chose to use as the "background" pieces in this quilted table runner are a bit busier than the "background" pieces I used in the Midnight Clear version of Zippity Zip, you can see there is still plenty of contrast to pull off the simple yet striking design of Zippity Zip.

Using up a charm pack of precut 5" squares doesn't need to be laborious or time intensive. Zippity Zip is the perfect example a very fast little table runner to quilt up.

It's so easy and quick to add some charm to your home with the Zippity Zip - Just a Charm Pack Table Runner quilt pattern. 

Happy quilting, everyone : )

Monday, October 23, 2023

New Quilt Pattern: Charming Breezes

Introducing a fresh new pattern in my shop - Charming Breezes. All you need is a charm pack/stacker/precut 5" squares, an itty bit of background fabric, and a little bit of your favorite coordinating print for the borders.

The Charming Breezes quilt pattern gives three different table runner sizes - 14" x 40", 14" x 60", and 
14" x 80" (and you can always make any size in between : )

Aren't these fabric prints gorgeous?! The fabric line featured here is Autumn Fields from StudioRK for Robert Kaufman. I had a specific person in mind to gift when I first laid eyes on these fabrics, but then, as it would happen, I ended up making two of these quilted runners because someone in my household absolutely needed one on our table as well : )

This is such a quick little table runner to make up that I had both runners made up in a couple afternoons' time. No biggie : )

 Autumn Fields is one of those fabric lines that has completely taken me by surprise. While at first I did like it, after making with it and seeing it in Charming Breezes, ah! so lovely, especially with the gold thread accents and pumpkins and gourds peaking out and the greens and browns! 

Yes, like has changed to love : )

Wasn't sure how to quilt this tablerunner. It was on my mind the entire time I was piecing - how would a diagonal grid quilting look?

As it would turn out, the diagonal 1" grid quilting looks so good on this table runner quilt. 
Before quilting with my walking foot, I used a Hera maker (I think that's what it is called) and marked 1"-spaced lines on a 45-degree angle. Then with walking foot engaged, quilted using a stitch-in-the-ditch pressure foot.


This quilted little table runner also makes a lovely quilt roll!

 Happy quilting, everyone : )