Friday, November 30, 2018

A New Fall Table Runner

Just have to document this fall runner before we switch over entirely to Christmas and winter. It's so simple and pretty. I really like it!

One of my teenage daughter did the bulk of the work (I just did cutting and designing and helped iron binding a bit). So proud of the attention she gives to piecing. It was so straight and square when she finished. : ) Good young quilter she is!

She tried out my version of freehand "wavy" quilting using the walking foot. Pulled it off like a pro!

Out of a couple 1/4-yard cuts we got two runners - one gifted and a shorter one for ourselves. Love this pumpkin print.

Pretty metallic-tinted binding.

Don't you just love a nice long rolled quilt?!?!

Well done, Alena!

Quilt Stats:
Fabric: Fall Foliage by Timeless Treasures
Batting:  Flannel
Size:  14.5"x55.5"

Friday, November 16, 2018

Mini Charm Fun - Mini Wreaths tutorial

Excited to be joining you all today with Mini Charm Fun - Mini Wreaths tutorial link-up for Fall 2018 Tips and Tutorials Festival hosted by Meadow Mist Designs and Quilting Jetgirl

It was a lot of fun designing and making this small quilt with a mini charm of Snowfall by Minick and Simpson for Moda that my children gifted me last Christmas. They know my fabric likes quite well : ) 

Simple designs are still very appealing to me even though some times I feel I should be doing harder/more complicated piecing. Then I remember I'd rather finish a quilt sooner than later and not add to the busyness of life. Simple piecing and quilting help me find calm and peace. I need to remember that. Quilting is my fun time. There is no reason for me to ruin that with assumed expectations. : )

Love the fifth "little wreath" in the center.

It is a little surprising to me to be able to make a quilt this size at 26"x26" (nice size for wall hanging or table topper) from just a mini charm pack and a little over one-half yard of background fabric. Love it! Cute quilt without a lot of expense : )  Although this might be a little large for a mini quilt, I'm also checking off November's mini quilt for #12minisin12months hosted by Knot and Thread.

The piecing of this mini charm quilt is very simple and straightforward with cute little four patches and sashing. Add some borders and voila! Little quilt top finished!

There's still plenty of time to make a fresh little quilt for the coming holidays - there are so many cute Christmas lines this year!

Simple diagonal crosshatch quilting for the win. It was either this or straight crosshatch quilting. Diagonal won the vote.

Sweet little quilt!

Quilt stats:
Fabric: Snowfall by Minick & Simpson or Moda Fabrics
Background fabric: Moda Bella Solids #9900-97
Binding: Moda Marbles
Batting: Dream Cotton
Piecing and quilting thread: Aurifil
Size: 26"x26"

Monday, November 12, 2018

Hopeful - a Jelly Roll Quilt pattern

Today, after hours of tweaking and testing and editing, I'm thrilled to introduce 'Hopeful', my first digital PDF quilt pattern. 

(Now available as a download on Etsy)

The seeds for this quilt design started to sprout summer of 2016. Oh dear! Over two years ago! The idea kept nagging in a corner of my quilty mind and wouldn't go away; however, at the time, I didn't know how to bring it to life. Then for Christmas 2016 my husband surprised me with EQ7! Like, totally surprised me! I had no idea!!! I don't usually appreciate surprises but this surprise I was excited about. After several months of playing around I started putting together the beginnings of Hopeful: a Jelly Roll Quilt pattern.

By the time the first #nationalsewajellyrollday came around September, 2017, I was ready to open up my precious jelly roll of Farmhouse by Fig Tree & Co for Moda. But, I didn't get far before Christmas/Winter sewing set in and my Hopeful quilt pattern had to be set aside.

But not forgotten. Never forgotten. As fall 2018 and the second #nationalsewajellyrollday approached I decided it was time to get this quilt top and pattern finished.

All you need to make up Hopeful is a jelly roll of at least 40 2 1/2" strips some background yardage and a bit of accent yardage.

Block construction is fairly simple and straight forward. Strip sets are creating via strip piecing strips and then slicing. About half of my flip corners I did the usual way as outlined in the pattern by stitching corner-to-corner across corner squares then trimming off excess and pressing out. Then I remembered the little Simple Folded Corners ruler by Antler Quilt Design that I purchased on a whim at my LQS. Sweet little ruler! I wasn't sure at first but after a few blocks my blocks were more accurate and went a little quicker. Highly recommend this handy little ruler!

With a little twisting and turning the accent 'diamonds' are formed along with sashing.

I love simple yet striking quilts and that is what I tried to bring to my Hopeful Quilt pattern. Simplicity does not need to be boring : )

You can grab a copy of Hopeful: a Jelly Roll Quilt pattern as an instant download on Etsy.

Quilt stats:
Main Fabric: Farmhouse by Fig Tree & Co for Moda
Accent Fabric: Moda Marbles Black
Background: Moda Bella Solid 9900 97
Piecing thread:  Aurifil
Size: 60" x 80"

Happy quilting!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

October - 12 minis in 12 months 2018 - Flying geese

With the end of October I finish up my tenth #12minisin12months. Wow! They do add up. No big projects finished up since the beginning of the year, but all these small projects are worth smiling about. 

For a while now (read several years) I have been putting off trying my hand at the flying geese block. Not sure why. For some reason they appear more challenging than I'm ever in the mood to take on.  

Then just the other day while scrolling through Pinterest waiting for inspiration to strike, quite unexpectedly I found myself planning my October mini quilt around the flying geese block. I casually learned from daughter K that son J says that, "all birds fly south to Miami Beach in the fall". Really?!?! Where did he get this notion? The ideas and rumors that boy spreads (insert eye roll : ) For some reason this struck me as hilarious and I immediately responded with, "That's it! I'm going to make a mini quilt of geese flying south and I'm going call it 'Miami Beach'!" 

So here it is, Miami Beach - where birds go for the winter : ) I used scraps of fall fabric because it IS October and that's what we sew with around here this time of year. Made this up as I went, including scraps for the background pieced in a bit of improvised fashion. Squeezed just enough binding out of the scraps as well - only about half an inch to spare. Whew!

The flying geese blocks were easier than I thought they would be. Maybe beginner's luck? or maybe it was the Bloc_loc ruler I used to trim them up. (The Flying Geese ruler works as great for trimming flying geese blocks as their ruler for trimming HSTs.) Any who, they were a bit of fun and quick and we just might see more of them around here in the future.

Straight-line walking foot quilting zigzagging with the geese for quilting. It's a bit different quilt finish for me but I like  it! Kids like it. Son J wants to hang this on his bedroom wall. I'd say that is a win : )

Good day, folks : )

Quilt stats:
Fabric: Moda Weave, Rustic Weave, and Bella solids
Batting: Flannel
Piecing and quilting thread:  Aurifil #2309
Size: 15" x 15"

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

September - 12 minis in 12 months 2018 - Trim bits of Farmhouse

Over the weekend I gave into temptation and took a break from pattern testing to play with the corner pieces trimmed from my in-progress quilt pattern blocks.

After previewing several layouts, this was it. Layout options when working with HSTs (half-square triangles) truly are countless. All you have to do is a turn a couple, and voila! - a new layout!

Tried something a little different with quilting. Still used the walking foot but mixed up directions and tried to find shapes within shapes. Not sure how I feel about it yet, but at least I tried something new ; ) 

This little mini quilt will go up on my mini quilt wall or be used wherever needed as a little table topper or candle mat. It does feel good to use up some little scrap bits.

It also feels good to have finished September's mini quilt for #12minisin12months. Woohoo!!! Now I can focus on a custom quilt in the queue and finishing up my first quilt pattern.

Happy quilting, everyone! 

Quilt Stats:
Fabric:  Farmhouse by Fig Tree & Co for Moda and Moda Bella Off White
Batting: Flannel
Piecing and Quilting thread:  Aurifil
Size: 14.5" x 14.5"

Sunday, September 16, 2018

August - 12 minis in 12 months 2018 - Somerset Figgy goodness

This pretty little Somerset quilt didn't get done in August but in early September - close enough ; ) Such a super fun, super quick finish (thank goodness because that is all it seems I have time for currently.)

These little mini charm packs are turning out to be the perfect thing to create with lately.  Grab a little bit of background and mini charm pack, and in no time you have a quick little quilt finished.

Mini and quick doesn't have to mean boring and/or no impact - I love the impact the center of this little mini quilt offers.

Simple straight line crosshatch quilting. Ah! the little X's in all the little squares - perfect!

Really do love these colors!

Quick little squares folded in half as hanging corners - now this little mini quilt can be used as a table topper or wallhanging.

 Beautiful little mini quilt just in time for fall knocking on the door : )

Happy quilting, Everyone!

Quilt Stats:
Fabric:  Somerset by Fig Tree & Co for Moda
Batting: Flannel
Piecing and Quilting thread:  Aurifil
Size: 18" x 18"

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

July - 12 minis in 12 months 2018 - Scrappy Fig Tree

Had such a difficult time settling on what to do this month for #12minisin12months by  Knot and Thread Design.  Played around with a BUNCH of ideas but just couldn't get started with one UNTIL I came across this little baggie of HSTs leftover from a previous project. Within an afternoon I had this little cutie finished. When inspiration strikes, it's a very good thing : )

Loving these little bits of Fig Tree goodness. This line is California Girl for Moda Fabrics. 

Once I got started, I wondered if I'd be able to finish - working with such little pieces was a bit more than I bargained for.  (Those little HST squares finish at 1". 1"!!!) But, I took a deep breath and decided to take my time. Turns out that sometimes slowing down helps to finish quicker. Who knew : )

Did a little straight line grid quilting. Went with 1/2" this time. Like how the corners mimic the center.

There is something very satisfying about using these little scrappy leftover bits. Even most of the background is leftover bits that were lying on my cutting table. Went with matching binding to use up even more leftovers. Loving the simplicity.

This is the quickest, most unplanned quilt I've ever made. So, so fun. I think I need more quilts like this : )

Quilt Stats:
Fabric:  California Girl by Fig Tree & Co for Moda
Batting: Flannel
Piecing and Quilting thread:  Aurifil
Size: 12" x 12"