Wednesday, October 31, 2018

October - 12 minis in 12 months 2018 - Flying geese

With the end of October I finish up my tenth #12minisin12months. Wow! They do add up. No big projects finished up since the beginning of the year, but all these small projects are worth smiling about. 

For a while now (read several years) I have been putting off trying my hand at the flying geese block. Not sure why. For some reason they appear more challenging than I'm ever in the mood to take on.  

Then just the other day while scrolling through Pinterest waiting for inspiration to strike, quite unexpectedly I found myself planning my October mini quilt around the flying geese block. I casually learned from daughter K that son J says that, "all birds fly south to Miami Beach in the fall". Really?!?! Where did he get this notion? The ideas and rumors that boy spreads (insert eye roll : ) For some reason this struck me as hilarious and I immediately responded with, "That's it! I'm going to make a mini quilt of geese flying south and I'm going call it 'Miami Beach'!" 

So here it is, Miami Beach - where birds go for the winter : ) I used scraps of fall fabric because it IS October and that's what we sew with around here this time of year. Made this up as I went, including scraps for the background pieced in a bit of improvised fashion. Squeezed just enough binding out of the scraps as well - only about half an inch to spare. Whew!

The flying geese blocks were easier than I thought they would be. Maybe beginner's luck? or maybe it was the Bloc_loc ruler I used to trim them up. (The Flying Geese ruler works as great for trimming flying geese blocks as their ruler for trimming HSTs.) Any who, they were a bit of fun and quick and we just might see more of them around here in the future.

Straight-line walking foot quilting zigzagging with the geese for quilting. It's a bit different quilt finish for me but I like  it! Kids like it. Son J wants to hang this on his bedroom wall. I'd say that is a win : )

Good day, folks : )

Quilt stats:
Fabric: Moda Weave, Rustic Weave, and Bella solids
Batting: Flannel
Piecing and quilting thread:  Aurifil #2309
Size: 15" x 15"