Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Two weeks late...or 50 weeks ahead: Christmas tree skirt

My first official finish for 2013 is this Christmas tree skirt I made using less than two charm packs of Reindeer Games and a little bit of yardage for border and binding and a piece of Merry Medley for the backing.

I'm going with 50 weeks ahead of schedule with this one, folks.  I so very much wanted to have it finished for this Christmas (did have it pieced).  That didn't happen as there were other more important things to tend, but as I still felt like working with Christmas fabric, I went ahead and finished it over Christmas break.  I'm so very glad I did.  Making this little tree skirt was a lot of fun and without a doubt next Christmas season I'll be very happy to pull it out and have it ready.  (Whoohoo! I've never been ahead with any project. : )

Tree not so naked any more.

This tutorial by Jenny at Missouri Star Quilt Co. was my inspiration. Her tutorials are among the best.  Added button loop closure and some wooden buttons I had on hand. I thought all the little corners would be a challenge, but really they weren't (maybe even a little easier than a true corner, to be honest).  It wasn't until I had my binding made and was getting ready to put it on that I realized, "Oh, yes, I have a tight little circle to bind. Hmm, guess I should have made bias binding." Too late. I went ahead with my straight binding, did the circle first thing and took it slow. I think it turned out fairly well. Oldest daughter A assures that no one is going to crawling up under the tree to inspect so I needn't worry. One of my biggest cheerleaders that girl is.

With this project I tried a new way of basting my quilt layers - no tape, no spray, no boards. I had my doubts, worried I would have a lot of puckers, but not a single pucker. Can hardly believe it. It quilted up beautifully. (I love how the quilting turned out!)  I simply placed the backing fabric face down, smoothed my flannel piece over that (didn't use batting), and then smoothed my quilt top face up on the flannel. Starting in the middle I pin basted out from middle to edge smoothing with almost every pin. It was so simple, seemed almost too simple but I couldn't be happier with the results. I used this same basting technique on a lap size quilt next in line to quilted. It is quite a bit bigger so we shall see how it turns it (fingers crossed : ).

Have I said how happy I am with how the quilting turned out?  Here is a shot of a few of my favorite prints - poinsettias, holly, and the little wreaths & candy canes. Yup, I made sure when I laid it out and before I cut up the back that my favorites were in front.

PS: Must say it did take some courage to cut into this little quilt after it was quilted. It was so nice. Would have made a very nice table topper.  Daughter R didn't want me to cut it at all. In her opinion we could just set the tree on top of it and it would look perfect. Almost did this, almost...then decided, no, I can do it. Cut it and bound it late one evening and had it under the tree to surprise everyone the next morning. They all love it and are happy I made something quilted for us to keep.

Blessings, everyone.


  1. 50 weeks early it is. You are off to a great start. It will be time to use it before we know it. Happy stitching ; )

  2. The quilt looks beautiful. You did a great job! Now I understand when to use bias binding. I am always learning something when I read your blog. Anna,thanks for sharing. Elizabeth


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