Monday, February 4, 2013

Wintery quilt quilted and in use

My first "big" quilt finish and I'm so glad it is for us. I like it so very much and the rest of the family does as well.  It was meant to be finished when the Christmas tree went up after Thanksgiving, but it didn't get done. It wasn't even done for Christmas morning cuddling.  But that's okay because about two to three weeks ago (can't remember was right after I finished the tree skirt) I finally got the quilting and binding finished.  Alleluia!!! Just in time for some serious deep winter cozying! (is that even a word?)

The children couldn't wait to use it.

This is seconds after I presented it for everyone's approval or disapproval.
I think they approve (and it wasn't even washed yet : )

On the recommendation of a couple of kind quilters, I checked out Quilter's Dream Select batting. Oh my! I really want to try this stuff. It sounds like a very lovely batting.  For this quilt though I ended up using what I had on hand - wool. I'm very happy with it. It is lighter weight than some baby quilts I have batted with cotton yet it is cozy warm. After a gentle wash it fluffed up and got all pillowy, almost like a comforter. With the brushed cotton top and the flannel backing this quilt is like cuddling up in an old flannel shirt. Heavenly!

Initially I was going to quilt diagonally one direction and then the other to get a hatch design, but after completing one direction it seemed to say that was enough. I liked it, really liked it. At first quilting a quilt this large (largest quilt so far for me) was a bit of a struggle.  Once I figured out how it drifted behind the  machine after being quilted and compensated for this, it went much smoother, especially if I made sure it didn't drag too much in my lap.  My new method of basting without taping down the back again also proved successful - not a single pucker in the backing or top! Ah! quilting heaven : )

All in all another awesome finish for the new year.

I told my husband I made it to be used, and used it is -
: ) 

PS:  I washed it in cold on gentle with three Color Catcher sheets. Whew! So glad I did. All the sheets were a lighter shade of the red of the backing flannel.  All the colors on the front remained their true color.  I don't know how they work, but Color Catcher sheets work.

Quilt stats:
Fabric:  Frosted Memories for Moda brushed jelly roll
Size: 53 x 73 after washing

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  1. Looks like this quilt has been dutifully tested and has the Kids Houskeeping Seal of Approval.


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