Friday, December 30, 2022

Christmas 2022 Quilted Table Runner - Midnight Clear

This Christmas season I felt the need to make and gift some Christmas quilted table runners.
First up is this very simple yet beautiful charm pack tablerunner using Midnight Clear from Moda Fabrics. 

It had to be a quick table runner to make so I selected a charm pack to suit the giftee (at least I hope it suits), cut the light charm squares in half, and stitched together.
So quick! So fun!

For the backing I selected an older print by Holly Taylor for Moda Fabrics.
My hope is that the backing selection will make the quilted table runner reversible and multi-seasonal.

Straight-line quilting keeps it simple and clean and lets the fabric and pattern shine.

Beautiful in its simplicity, I love how this runner turned out and hope it adds warmth and charm to its new home.

Happy quilting, everyone : )


Sunday, November 27, 2022

Charming Barn Star - Cinnamon and Cream

This is the latest version of Charming Barn Star, a simple charm pack quilt pattern featuring Cinnamon and Cream by Fig Tree and Co. for Moda Fabrics.

It doubles equally well as a table topper. 

Quilted table toppers and wall hangings add so much warmth and charm to a home.

So many options using a precut charm pack of 5" squares with just a bit of background fabric. Add a border fabric to frame out the quilt and you have a custom-made creation for your wall or table. 

Catching some late afternoon sunshine. At this time of year this corner of the dining room gets some amazing sunshine, when it does show itself. No matter which quilt I hang here, it looks so cozy and homey.

Straight-line quilting using my walking foot on my regular sewing machine makes for a quick finish.

The straight-line quilting here is about 1/2" spaced. I always loosen up tension a bit and lengthen the stitch.

Such a pretty finish using the lovely Cinnamon & Cream fabric line. If you love fall, you definitely need some in your fabric stash.

Friday, November 18, 2022

New Pattern: Sweetly Done Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern

Sweetly Done is a super fun quilt to make up - beginner friendly or a super quick finish for those times when "quick" is essential.

All you need to make your own version of Sweetly Done is a jelly roll (or cut your own 2 1/2" strips) and just a bit of background fabric. My sample quilt is made with this"cinnamon" roll of Cinnamon and Cream by Fig Tree & Co. for Moda Fabrics.

The Cinnamon and Cream fabric line captures the light of autumn perfectly - warm, cozy, bright with sunshine. It was so lovely to work with this fabric line from Fig Tree and Company/Moda Fabrics during one of my favorite times of year, autumn.

After choosing from the five sizes available in this pattern, let the fun begin. I love mixing fabrics around until I'm pleased with the combinations. 


Stitch the strips together and slice 'em up.


Add in the background fabric (isn't this eyelet print from Cinnamon & Cream darling?) and voila! you have a fresh new quilt top with very little seam matching so the rows go together easy peasy.


For the quilting I used a wavy quilting stitch that's on my sewing machine. The family loves it. I guess it makes it extra cuddly : )

Usually I just use a solid white for background (solids are a little cheaper than prints ; ), but for my sample quilt of Sweetly Done I got some of the neutral eyelet print that is part of the Cinnamon and Cream fabric line. I love it! 

Backing is a flannel fabric by Primitive Gatherings for Moda Fabrics. I believe it is part of the Autumn Gatherings fabric line. So, so soft! I like the depth of richness that it adds to the quilt.

This throw quilt (55" x 72" size) is already washed and in use and a new favorite.
I like this size - long enough to cover the toes but not overly wide to crowd the sofa/chair.

So glad I pushed to finish this quilt. The colors bring so much warmth and coziness to our home. 
We shall definitely enjoy it for a couple of weeks before switching to winter/Christmas.

It's written up for five sizes and can be made with precut jelly roll strips or 2 1/2" strips cut from yardage.

Happy quilting, everyone : )

Saturday, October 1, 2022

New Pattern: Sweet Sticks - A Honey Bun Quilt Pattern

The actual writing for my newest quilt pattern, Sweet Sticks - a honey bun quilt pattern, went very quickly and smoothly. Sewing up the sample, not so much. It took me till the end of summer to just take the time and work on this quilt. Now it's early fall and it's finished! 

I couldn't be happier with how Sweet Sticks turned out - clean and simple. 

Thoughts of Sweet Sticks  started with the idea to use a honey bun (a rolled bundle of precut 1 1/2" fabric strips usually utilizing an entire fabric line).  Keeping with the narrow strips the thought was to keep the pattern very minimalistic with lots of blank space. It turned out so much better than it looked on paper! 

The instant I saw Nantucket Summer by Camille Roskelley for Moda Fabrics I knew it was going to be perfect for my sample of Sweet Sticks and was going to coordinate perfectly with my Star Blossom wallhanging in Bohemian Blues.

There's everything to love about these colors and prints. 
For backing my Sweet Sticks quilt I chose a print from Nantucket Summer. At first I wanted to go with the main floral print but settled on a backing that was as clean and simple as the quilt top.

Before quilting I had fun getting some outside photos with by youngest sons as quilt holders.

They did such a good job with plenty of laughs.

Love these blues with just the right touch of green.
Working with precut fabric strips cuts down so much on cutting and speeds up the quilt making process. Thank goodness! My #1 tip for working with precut fabric strips or squares is to do a test block and get your seam allowance as accurate as possible. Recently I got a new sewing machine and have had to learn the "sweet" spots all over again, but it is definitely worth it to figure out your seam allowance. Saves lots of picking time further on into the quilt. 

Here Sweet Sticks is in all it's crinkly, cuddly glory. Not much beats the comfort of a fresh-washed quilt.

This is a beginner friendly quilt pattern with very minimal seam matching

Happy quilting, everyone : )


Wednesday, September 14, 2022

New Pattern: Mini Charm Fun - Daisy Quilt Runner


In April of this year I made up a quick runner using a mini charm pack (a pack of precut 2 1/2" squares) and a little bit of yardage. Initially I didn't intend to write up a pattern for this quilt runner, but after a few requests, I've decided that it's a must. You can see my first version of this quilted runner using Love Note Mini Charm Fun - Daisy here

As I wrote up the pattern for Mini Charm Fun -  Daisy, I made up this very cheerful version using Stitched by Fig Tree & Co for Moda Fabrics. Love the cheerfulness warmth of this fabric line.  

You can use scrap 2 1/2" squares, bits of jelly roll strips, leftover binding bits, etc. to make up Daisy, a mini charm pack quilted table runner.

While both of my versions of Daisy have a white inner border, I think it would look very sharp with the inner a solid or small print. Anyone want to make up a Daisy table runner featuring two prints or colors for the borders? 

Daisy is such a simple finish. It's so fun to have such little seam matching to do and the borders are a breeze. Such a joy to make, so relaxing.

The crosshatch quilting in the center with straight-line quilting in the borders turned out so nice.

It took a little more time than straight quilting across would have required, but I think the results were worth it.

It makes up a quilt runner 16" x 42". 

I would be thrilled to see what you make. Please feel free to share on Instagram using the tags #fddquiltpatterns or #daisyquiltrunner

Happy quilting, everyone : )


Sunday, September 4, 2022

New Pattern: Charming Barn Star

My quiltings goals for summer 2022 were perhaps lofty. Some still sit here in a little stack waiting for their moment (not to worries, lovelies; your moment will come) and some, through sheer grit and determination, shine on a bit in finished glory. 

Making with Stitched by Fig Tree & Co. for Moda Fabrics was an absolutely must for this summer.
With just a charm pack (5" squares), a bit of border, and some background a new barn quilt for the wall is made.

I'm pleased to introduce Charming Barn Star, a new Charming Barn Quilt Pattern.
I was so set on it being a summer fabric line that I didn't see its full potential until it was hung on the wall.
In this quilted wallhanging I now see the blue-blue skies that are late summer/early fall and I think of sunflowers that are currently in there glory everywhere. Late summer/early fall is truly a very nice season.

Love the center of this quilt! It's such a pretty star.

Didn't quite know how to quilt this one so I didn't push it and kept the quilting very, very simple with 1"-spaced straight-line quilting.

For Charming Barn Star I decided to try a bit wider border. I'm never quite sure how to determine a good quilt border width. Here I settled on making the border block width. It gives a favorite print room to shine without taking over, I think.

It makes three sizes using either a charm pack, mini charm pack (2.5" squares) or a layer cake (10" squares).

Happy quilting, everyone : )