Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wintery quilt top November finish

Tada! I present my largest quilt top to date and it is for our living room. For some reason that thought makes me smile.


While browsing around Hingeley Road Quilt Shop (a local-to-me quilt shop) back in October, I spotted a partial jelly roll (only 31 strips) of an older Holly Taylor line - Frosted Memories, brushed - tucked away in a corner under the cutting table.  Could hardly believe my good fortune!  I soooo like this fabric line.  I carried it around for a bit before spotting some yardage that I thought would go well and that made my decision.  Home it came with me (of course, it helped that it was on clearance sale : )  

In an effort to increase my odds of getting this top finished, I kept the pattern simple and was able to completely piece it before Thanksgiving. I really like how it  turned out even though a couple strips are out of place from their originally assigned location. Now my goal is to get it quilted over this coming weekend so that we can enjoy it during this Advent/Christmas season into late winter.  I have a red flannel all ready to go as the backing.  My final dilemma decision is which batting to use - cotton for a little extra weight (is it heavy enough with the brushed top and flannel back?) or wool for fluffiness and potentially more cuddliness??? Decisions, decisions...

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PS:  Liking up with Megan's jelly roll party at Crooked Seams.


  1. This is very striking - love how you used that lovely JR find. With flannel and brushed, I usually don't use a batt, but I have used Quilter's Dream Select (like a very thin felt) - gives a lovely drape.

  2. Lovely quilt! I love strip quilts.
    I agree with Sharon's comment above.

  3. Hello fellow Minnesotan! I didn't realize that when I left my other comment. I hope to get to Hingley Road someday;


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