Monday, September 11, 2023

A Charming Barn Quilt - Fruit Cocktail style

It might have taken me ALL summer to get this A Charming Barn Quilt finished, but I'm so glad I pushed and finished it. It is so dang cheerful, you just have to smile when you see it.

Fruit Cocktail by Fig Tree Quilts & Co. for Moda Fabric is so fun to make up. The colors, the prints - so cheerful, so joyful, and in-your-face full of sunshine and summer goodness.

And there's always a bit of special summertime when you are able to spend some time at Lake Ada with your favorite people.

This A Charming Barn Quilt {Fruit Cocktail} will be one of those special quilts as I was able to get a good start on it while at Lake Ada. (Yes, my machine and a few basic supplies came along for the trip : )

While a tiny part of me might have border regret (this print is one of my favorites of Fruit Cocktail - but maybe a tad bit too busy as a border), I do think this binding/border combination is perfect! Don't think you can ever go wrong using a stripe as binding.

The center of this A Charming Barn Quilt is fairly stunning, if you ask me. At first I was going to do red as the star, but color placement wasn't working quite right. In the end the oranges and yellows in the center are just wow!

Quilting is 1" spaced lines in a simple hashtag design.


For a moment I considered diagonal quilting (it always seems to be perfect for wallhangings) but the straight-line hashtag quilting kept tickling at my brain so I went with it. 
It's kinda perfect on this quilted wall hanging.

This quilted wallhanging might be coming down sooner than later to make way for fall, but for the moment it is the shining star on the wall, and I really appreciate its cheerfulness.

Happy quilting, everyone : )