Monday, October 25, 2021

New Quilt Pattern: Star Compass Barn Quilt

Four and a half years ago the design seeds for Star Compass Barn Quilt sprouted and the original version was made with Avalon by Fig Tree & Co for Moda Fabrics.

This simple quilted wallhanging is one of my absolute favorites! I look forward to hanging it every spring, and it changes locations but remains up until fall. Enter Pumpkins & Blossoms by Fig Tree & Co. I wasn't sure about this fabric line for Moda Fabrics, but my husband really likes it so I started playing with my different patterns to see what one it looks best it. Star Compass Barn Quilt for the win! I wasn't loving it with the initial green placement, but at a suggestion from a daughter and a little switheroo, voila! I truly love it now.

We now have a fall version of Star Compass Barn Quilt that can stay up until Christmas. (and yes, I have a Christmas version planned, too. Stay tuned. I'm thinking Christmas Morning by Lella Boutique : )

The Star Compass Barn Quilt pattern offers four sizes and four design choices. The wall hanging size fits comfortably on width of fabric so no piecing a backing if you choose the wall hanging quilt option. You can make this simple precut quilt pattern using either a charm pack/5" squares or a layer cake/10" squares.

Is this a beaut? There's something about the pattern that the background fabric makes of the center that catches my eye. And that star isn't half bad either : ) 

Initially I was going to do a grid quilting on this quilt, but after doing simple straight-line at .75" it seemed perfect so I left it alone. It seems happy and I think it really lets the design shine.

Naming this quilt pattern was easy. My youngsters have always referred to this quilt as the "Star Compass" quilt. It has stuck. Star Compass Barn Quilt it is. 
(They wouldn't know which quilt I was talking about if I changed names now : )

Happy quilting : )