Monday, January 23, 2023

Just a Charm Pack Quilt - I Believe in Angels

When I began percolating ideas for Moda Fabrics #charmpackchallenge2023 a charm pack of I Believe In Angels was what I really wanted to make with but thought its small prints might make it too busy for making #justacharmpack little quilt. But, I wanted to make with it so badly that I forged ahead.


This #justacharmpack quilt doesn't have a pattern. It is literally just charm pack squares, no background, sewn in pairs to make half-square triangles (HSTs). The general idea is to pair lights and darks. If you don't have an equal number of lights and darks, just select another color to substitute as a light, in this case the light blue prints.

HSTs are so much fun to make with. They present almost endless layout possibilities.
A few other #justacharmpack quilts I've made can be seen here and here and here and here. You can play with layouts all day : )

Simple stripe fabric from I Believe in Angels as the binding. It came out so tidy and neat (not that I'd redo it if it didn't : )

I find this fabric line from Moda Fabrics to be very versatile. It's a Christmas line but also feels perfect for going into Valentine's Day and late winter/very very early spring. The little prints are just darling.

This Just a Charm Pack quilt finishes at 24" square.
Again I used flannel as the batting and just backed with a Moda Bella Solid (solids are less costly than prints ; )

This little quilt turned out so darling. I love it! (I don't think it's too busy at all.) It's hanging on the wall above my computer and is just perfect with the freshly fallen snow.

Happy quilting, everyone : )

Saturday, January 7, 2023

Christmas 2022 Quilted Table Runner - Frosted Memories

While I thoroughly enjoyed making all these quilted Christmas table runners this year, this one with Frosted Memories by Holly Taylor for Moda Fabrics is my favorite, hands down. 

Years ago (December 2012 - how has it been 10 years?!?!) I made my very first throw quilt with a jelly roll of brushed Frosted Memories. That quilt has been so used and loved! 

Later I was able to get my hands on a few fat quarters and made a couple of identical quilted table runners, one for myself and one to gift. As I was organizing and digging through my Christmas/Winter bin of fabric December 2022, I became reacquainted with the remnants of these fat quarters and just had to make a fresh tablerunner quilt.

For some reason I'm totally thrilled that I still love fabrics I loved over 10 years ago.

The strips here were cut at 2.5" (same as a jelly roll precut strip) at about 14" long.

I always use a heavy flannel as batting in my quilted table runners and wall hangings. Flannel gives a sturdiness and flatness that batting (wool or cotton) does not.

Tried something a little different with the quilting and just LOVE how the diagonal straight-line grid quilting turned out.

I doubt I'll ever do diagonal quilting on a large quilt again with my regular sewing machine but quilting this table runner on the diagonal was very doable.

This runner was a very quick, very fun finish.
I love everything about it - the memories (all my family know and love this fabric line), the coziness and warmth, the colors, the quilting, its simplicity.

Happy quilting, everyone : )

Monday, January 2, 2023

Christmas 2022 Quilted Table Runner - Farmhouse Christmas

Such a treat making again with Farmhouse Christmas from Riley Blake Designs. While browsing at a local quilt shop I found a few pieces to add to my scraps from last year. 

Using my Charming Ripples quilt pattern I whipped up another quick table runner quilt. Charming Ripples is written to use a charm pack or scraps and is a very quick, fun quilty finish. 

Almost identical to last year's Farmhouse Christmas quilted table runner, the addition of a few more prints adds scrappiness that I really enjoy and I think will suit the recipient perfectly. (I think she is going to really like the stocking print : )

The simple snowflake print works well as the border fabric selection. 
I think a small, simple print works best as the border in the tablerunner quilt as it is pieced and not a long strip the length of the runner.

If you have a charm pack or scraps and a bit of accent fabric and some border print, you can make a quick Charming Ripples quilted table runner. Pattern can be found in my shop.

Happy quilting, everyone : )

Friday, December 30, 2022

Christmas 2022 Quilted Table Runner - Midnight Clear

This Christmas season I felt the need to make and gift some Christmas quilted table runners.
First up is this very simple yet beautiful charm pack tablerunner using Midnight Clear from Moda Fabrics. 

It had to be a quick table runner to make so I selected a charm pack to suit the giftee (at least I hope it suits), cut the light charm squares in half, and stitched together.
So quick! So fun!

For the backing I selected an older print by Holly Taylor for Moda Fabrics.
My hope is that the backing selection will make the quilted table runner reversible and multi-seasonal.

Straight-line quilting keeps it simple and clean and lets the fabric and pattern shine.

Beautiful in its simplicity, I love how this runner turned out and hope it adds warmth and charm to its new home.

Happy quilting, everyone : )


Sunday, November 27, 2022

Charming Barn Star - Cinnamon and Cream

This is the latest version of Charming Barn Star, a simple charm pack quilt pattern featuring Cinnamon and Cream by Fig Tree and Co. for Moda Fabrics.

It doubles equally well as a table topper. 

Quilted table toppers and wall hangings add so much warmth and charm to a home.

So many options using a precut charm pack of 5" squares with just a bit of background fabric. Add a border fabric to frame out the quilt and you have a custom-made creation for your wall or table. 

Catching some late afternoon sunshine. At this time of year this corner of the dining room gets some amazing sunshine, when it does show itself. No matter which quilt I hang here, it looks so cozy and homey.

Straight-line quilting using my walking foot on my regular sewing machine makes for a quick finish.

The straight-line quilting here is about 1/2" spaced. I always loosen up tension a bit and lengthen the stitch.

Such a pretty finish using the lovely Cinnamon & Cream fabric line. If you love fall, you definitely need some in your fabric stash.