Saturday, March 30, 2024

Charming Breezes - Au Naturel

Charming Breezes, a fast, fun charm pack table runner quilt pattern, needed a springy sample made up so who am I to argue : )

This 5 inch precut squares quilt pattern is one of my favorites to make up so it was no chore at all to whip up a new runner using Au Naturel from Wilmington Prints. 

Actually, I made two at one time using only 20 squares, a little bit of background, and some border fabric.


The only difference between these "almost twins" tablerunners is the border fabric. While I really like them both, I believe I'm partial to the lighter border. 

Au Naturel has been such a joy to make with. Something about the colors and prints that I really enjoy.

The quilting is organic wavy lines done with my regular sewing machine using a walking foot.

For the most part the quilting lines echo each other across the table runner but vary a little bit here and there where I felt maybe the lines were straightening out a little too much. 

When doing quilting like this I lengthen the stitch length to 3.0 to 3.5, loosen tension a tad, and lighten pressure foot pressure 2-5 clicks.

The movement that this gentle flowing quilting adds suits this pattern so perfectly.
Love it!

The Charming Breezes quilt pattern offers three lengths - 40", 60", and 80".

Quilted table runner quilts make the sweetest little quilt roll.

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Just a Charm Pack Quilt - Au Naturel

The Au Naturel fabric line by Lisa Audit for Wilmington Prints is so so pretty!
The greens and purples are perfect for this Lenten season and the botanical prints are just extra perfect.

And here I am making with it within a couple weeks of purchasing. I think this is the "freshest" fabric I've made into a quilt : )

Have you ever had a project that you just loved everything about - the fabric, the quilt pattern, the quilting? Yeah, this is one of those for me.

The border combo is surprising me with how much I love it. I don't like to do borders on my quilts and usually I opt for a darker print to frame everything. The narrow purple and the wider white main botanical print and then the same purple binding are, well, perfect!

The quilt pattern I made up here is my Just a Charm Pack quilt pattern. This is Layout F; the pattern includes seven different layouts using just a charm pack (precut 5" squares) to make the main body of the quilt top. For my Au Naturel version here I added the optional borders to make it a little bigger finishing at 32" x 32". I think Layout F works best with a charm pack/5 Karat Crystals/Stacker of limited colors.

This little quilted wall hanging has my heart. I have really been drawn to botanical prints lately and this makes me smile.

The crosshatch quilting hit the inner border spot on. Another little bit to love : )

This little corner is one of my favorites - love these purple prints, the light green faded plaid, the borders. So good!

It fits perfectly on our dining room wall.

Simple Bella Solid Feather for the backing. Usually I do simple solid backing on my wall hangings and table runners. The backs are never seen. No use wasting "fancy" fabric there.

Straight line quilting on the diagonal in crosshatch fashion felt like the right choice. Spacing ending up being about 1 3/8".

Happy quilting, everyone : )

Thursday, February 29, 2024

Winter Flurries Zippity Zip Table Runner Quilt

Another quick wintery finish for me this year is this Winter Flurries (by Holly Taylor for Moda Fabrics) version of my Zippity Zip table runner quilt pattern.

All it takes to make this simple yet pretty tablerunner quilt is a charm pack (5" precut squares), literally. All I do is use the light squares as the background pieces and the darker squares for the main prints.

For me Winter Flurries (or similar fabric) is perfect this time of year when you are done with the holidays but not quite ready to break out spring. 

The prints are just perfect and are reminiscent of one of my all-time favorite fabric lines, also by Holly Taylor, Frosted Memories. The colors are warm and cozy yet bright enough to be cheerful. 

This Zippity Zip table runner quilt was quilted on my APQS Millennium longarm at the same time as the previous table runner. I just added one backing and it was wide enough to accommodate both. Putting some tricks I've learned watching other quilters into practice : )

I love wavy quilting almost as much as I love straight line quilting, and I don't anticipate giving up doing it freehand on my regular machine, but these perfect waves are kinda special, too.

It's a really fun little quilt to finish.
Happy quilting, everyone : )

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Easily Done Quilt Leftovers Table Runner

Using the leftover pieces of the layer cake Holidays at Home by Deb Strain for Moda Fabrics that I used to make my Easily Done quilt, I made up this easy table runner so quickly; even the white background bits are from leftover strips of Moda Bella Solid 9900 98.  

This quilted table runner idea was inspired by my Zippy Zip table runner pattern, just substituted my layer cake scraps and resized the little white pieces to keep the finished quilt width about 14". 


Super easy and fun. My kind of quilt : )

Isn't it great being able to get two quilts from one layer cake and with no further cutting?!
Love it! So economical for time and pocketbook : ) 
Using up fabric scraps/leftovers can be simple and fun.

This Holidays at Home table runner quilt has the honor of being the first quilt quilted on my APQS Millennium longarm quilt machine.


EEK! Can hardly believe I finally have a longarm quilt machine! It's been a dream for years.

The pantograph (the quilting pattern that a longarm quilting machine stitches out) used is called Aztec, and I love it for it's simplicity and straight lines and also for how it's different that what I usually do on my regular sewing machine. So fun!

Cute little quilt roll for viewing pleasure.

Happy quilting, everyone : ) 

Saturday, January 20, 2024

New Quilt Pattern: Easily Done - a layer cake pattern

It's time to introduce my latest layer cake quilt pattern - Easily Done. Besides being layer cake friendly,  Easily Done also uses fat quarters or 1/3 yard cuts.

With no sashing or borders, easy pressing, and very little matching, Easily Done goes together very quickly and, well, easily : ) - perfect for beginner quilters or for any quilter looking for a quick finish.

My sample of Easily Done, a layer cake/fat quarter quilt pattern, is made using the cozy fabric line Holidays at Home by Deb Strain for Moda Fabrics. Love this line for its homey feel and cuz I think it can be out during the holidays and into late winter, a must here in central Minnesota.

Easily Done is written in five sizes - 48"x63", 54"x72", 66"x81", 96"x99", and 108"x108".  What size would you make? This past week I broke up piecing this quilt top into steps, one step on each day, and I was really surprised at how quickly it went together. 

Day 1 - cut. 

Day 2 - piece blocks (two sessions - one session for each Block A and Block B). 

Day 3 - press blocks. 

Day 4 - layout (had help from some very lovely daughters). 

Day 5 - piece rows. 

Day 6 - Press rows and attach rows, press some more. Finished! (just need to get quilted : )

Happy quilting, everyone : )

PS: I'll share soon what I do with the little extra piece that is leftover from each layer cake square. Kinda excited to get two quilts from one layer cake, a throw quilt and a table runner quilt.


Wednesday, January 3, 2024

White Linen Christmas Just Strips Runner

White Linen Christmas - my photography skills do not do you justice at.all.
This fabric line from Northcott has the warmest, coziest feel and I just had to make with it - twice : )

The busy holiday season necessitated a quick project so it could be gifted in time so Just Strips, a strippy scrappy quilted table runner, was the perfect project. 

It turned out so well that another one, a shorter version, is in the quilt queue. 
The Just Strips pattern is written for three lengths and available here in my shop.

Simple straight-line quilting adds to this quilted table runner's charm.

Again, per usual, I used cotton flannel as the batting. I like the structure and flatness that flannel gives to table runners. Nothing gets tipsy on these table runners.

Just Strips is as simple as it gets for quilt patterns. It's a table runner quilt pattern that is also easily customized to any width and/or length. 

The greens, browns, and warm white of White Linen Christmas are perfect for any neutral loving heart.
The burlap printed texture is the perfect touch.

Love that dark green burlap print as binding. I think the dark brown would have worked very well, too.
Another cute quilt roll to love : )

Happy quilting, everyone!

Love White Linen Christmas on this tabletop. The colors are perfect.