Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Just a Charm Pack Quilt - Au Naturel

The Au Naturel fabric line by Lisa Audit for Wilmington Prints is so so pretty!
The greens and purples are perfect for this Lenten season and the botanical prints are just extra perfect.

And here I am making with it within a couple weeks of purchasing. I think this is the "freshest" fabric I've made into a quilt : )

Have you ever had a project that you just loved everything about - the fabric, the quilt pattern, the quilting? Yeah, this is one of those for me.

The border combo is surprising me with how much I love it. I don't like to do borders on my quilts and usually I opt for a darker print to frame everything. The narrow purple and the wider white main botanical print and then the same purple binding are, well, perfect!

The quilt pattern I made up here is my Just a Charm Pack quilt pattern. This is Layout F; the pattern includes seven different layouts using just a charm pack (precut 5" squares) to make the main body of the quilt top. For my Au Naturel version here I added the optional borders to make it a little bigger finishing at 32" x 32". I think Layout F works best with a charm pack/5 Karat Crystals/Stacker of limited colors.

This little quilted wall hanging has my heart. I have really been drawn to botanical prints lately and this makes me smile.

The crosshatch quilting hit the inner border spot on. Another little bit to love : )

This little corner is one of my favorites - love these purple prints, the light green faded plaid, the borders. So good!

It fits perfectly on our dining room wall.

Simple Bella Solid Feather for the backing. Usually I do simple solid backing on my wall hangings and table runners. The backs are never seen. No use wasting "fancy" fabric there.

Straight line quilting on the diagonal in crosshatch fashion felt like the right choice. Spacing ending up being about 1 3/8".

Happy quilting, everyone : )

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