Tuesday, February 21, 2023

New Quilt Pattern: Thoughtful


It's time to introduce Thoughtful, a layer cake, fat quarter, fat eighth, yardage quilt pattern,
making it a very versatile quilt pattern.

My sample quilt is made with six different prints of Winter Solstice from Michael Miller Fabrics. These prints are wintery without being too wintery. I'm thinking they can come out in October/November and go through February into March, depending on where you live. The black accent fabric of choice is Moda Marble black.

This here is my favorite print of the Winter Solstice line. 
That barn has my heart.

The blocks are large at 18" so once you have them pieced, putting together the rows and the quilt top goes very fast. Love that!

Thoughtful quilt pattern does have a lot of folded/snowball corners. I thought these would be so very tedious and take forever, but I did them in batches by color and they finished up more quickly than I anticipated.

When doing folded/snowball corners, I like to move my needle over a couple clicks and stitch just outside the mark line from corner to corner. This gives me a tiny bit that I can trim off and get a more accurate block that pieces so much nicer (at least for me : )

The large blocks are a dream to piece together even with matching up the "diamonds".
Seeing those diamonds come together is my favorite part.
It's always a "wow" when I flip it over.

I never want to forget how the Thoughtful quilt pattern came about. 
When I first saw Winter Solstice I immediately wanted to make with it for my husband and myself. I thought he would really like it. So I ordered it and received it, and he really did like it. 
My quilt plan was to keep it really simple and make up my Simply Done quilt pattern. I printed out the layout, and my husband said, "It's nice but what if you turned some of the pieces?" 
Easy enough, thinking giant pinwheels. Printed that layout. "Oh, this is really nice but kinda boring." Okay. Back to EQ. Added the white center diamonds. "Now this is looking interesting, but maybe a little too white." Added the black diamonds. "Oh, honey. This is perfect. I really like this!" And a new quilt pattern was born. I called it Thoughtful to remind myself of the goodness and joy that comes from being thoughtful and considering someone else's wishes and vision.

I made the twin size quilt and love how it fits lengthwise across our king bed. It covers just enough for a custom quilty look and coordinates beautifully with the red quilted bedspread underneath.

Thoughtful is written to use yardage, layer cake 10" squares, fat quarters, or fat eighths.
Here it is colored with a Country Rose layer cake by Lella Boutique for Moda Fabrics.

Here is another beautiful coloring in a Dwell layer cake by Camille Roskelley for Moda Fabrics.

Doesn't Thoughtful quilt pattern look stunning in the patriotic colors of American Dream?

Happy quilting, everyone : )

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