Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Super quick leftover charms table runner - mini tutorial


It might have taken longer to put away the leftover charm squares of my Crystal Lane (by Bunny Hill Designs for Moda Fabrics) charm pack than to make up this super quick, super easy quilted table runner.

Using these quick steps, you can make up a quick table runner for yourself as well.

      1. Cut charms in half.
      2. Piece to desired length (in this case width of fabric - WOF).
      3. Cut two pieces of fabric WOF - 3" and 5.5".
      4. Piece to either side of charm strip.
      5. Press, baste, quilt and bind. Voila! Finished!

Now, can we talk about that cute little decorative stitch for a minute or two?

I wanted to keep the quilting the usual simple straight-line quilting, but I also really wanted to change it up a bit. Enter trying out one of the many decorative stitches that my machine can do.

Love love love it!!!
It's all the things - cute, pretty, vintage, special (at least I think so : )

It's not the original stitch I had selected, but after doing a sample I went with this one because it stitches out thicker and looks more like hand embroidery.

Very happy with this very easy quilted tablerunner using up leftover charm/5 inch squares.

Happy quilting, everyone : )


  1. Anna, this is such a pretty runner! I have many smaller cuts of charm squares that could be worked into this design, even with varying sizes. The special stitching is the frosting on the cake!

  2. I absolutely love this it’s that decorative stitch that got me! I will use this nifty touch on my girls table runners. Thank you for posting!

  3. What kind of thread did you use for the "fancy" stitching? BTW, love this runner!!

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. The thread is a 100% cotton thread silk finish by Mettler. It's a little heavier than the commonly used Aurifil. The stitch I used repeated itself a few times before moving on to the next stitch. This helped give it a thicker look. The first stitch I had selected just stitched out once and even with this thread it was very thin and light looking. I went with the stitch I used because it showed up so nicely, almost like it was hand embroidered.

  4. What color thread did you use on sides?

  5. LOVE this! I’ve been wanting to do a quick Valentine’s Day runner…and this will be perfect! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Anna, can you share the number or name of the stitch you used?

    1. On my Husqvarna Viking Epic 95Q machine it is under my "G" panel of stitches (Vintage Stitches) and is #19, a hand-look stitch. Hope that helps.


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