Saturday, July 27, 2013

Charlevoix tablerunner

One of my summertime goals this year was to make a runner for our dining room table. Check that off the list...and before the end of July with a few weeks of summer left. Yes!!! A good feeling to finish something on time.

A charm pack of Charlevoix by Minick and Simpson has been in my charm pack collection since some time last year. (love the blues and yellow!) I knew I wanted to make a tablerunner for our table but couldn't settle on a pattern, which is my usual stumbling block. Inspiration overload? Fear of picking the wrong pattern? Whatever it is, I pushed forward, opened up that charm pack, cut the squares in half, laid them out in rows, and started sewing.  I do wish I had thought to use my walking foot when piecing and maybe took a bit of time to pin. My rows would have matched up better and not shifted like they did. (Note to self: Your walking foot does have a 1/4" foot.) At the time of piecing I just wanted to sew and didn't really want to put too much thought into it. Think I had myself convinced this pattern was too simple for pins and worrying about pieces matching up.

For the back initially I was going to just use natural muslin (don't have much fabric in my stash for backings) because we all know you can't see the back and front of a tablerunner at the same time (reasoning here trying to stay within budget : )  Then I remembered this piece of fabric I bought about 12 years ago just because I liked it.  Tried it out with the binding (Bella solid Sea) and felt it would work. Finally, a way to put a small piece of fabric to use where it can be enjoyed, and yes, I still like it after all these years. 

It wasn't quite wide enough so I inserted a couple strips of muslin. 

Overall I'm quite pleased with this little runner. Love the color on the table and still really like straight line (organic straight line since technically it probably isn't really that straight?) quilting.

Inspiration sources:
Patchwork tablerunner at Narioka
Charm Street Tablerunner tutorial at Prairie Point Junction

Finished dimensions: 14" x 47" (tip to tip)


  1. I have table runners on my mind lately. Looks great!

  2. That's a lovely table runner, and a great way to use a single charm pack.

  3. I love the simplicity of it. Great job.

  4. Great runner! I recognize your backing fabric, I had some of that in my stash, used it a few years back for a double pinwheel quilt. It is an oldie but goodie, such a cute print!


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